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Since its foundation in 1957, our business unit Thermal Analysis has emerged into a global leader in the field of thermal analysis and thermal physical properties measurements. We are driven by innovation and a close contact to the scientific community. We offer a complete line of instruments for research and quality control including Differential Scanning Calorimeter - (DSC), Thermobalances, Simultaneous Thermal Analysis - (TG-DSC/DTA), Thermomechanical Analysis - (TMA), Single - Dilatometer, Differential - Dilatometer, Quattro - Dilatometer, Quenching Dilatometer, Laser Dilatometer, Thermal Conductivity Meter, Laser Flash – Xenon Flash Thermal Conductivity / Thermal Diffusivity Analyzer and evolved gas analysis with FTIR and mass spectrometer.

Customer orientation, innovation, flexibility and last but not least highest quality are what Linseis stands for from the very beginning. Thanks to these fundamentals our company enjoys an exceptional reputation among the leading scientific and industrial companies. Linseis is since many years offering benchmark products in highly innovative branches.

Thermal analysis is a branch of materials science where the properties of materials are studied as they change with temperature. Several methods are commonly used - these are distinguished from one another by the property which is measured:

  • Differential thermal analysis (DTA): temperature difference
  • Differential scanning calorimetry (DSC): heat difference
  • Thermogravimetric analysis (TGA): mass
  • Thermomechanical analysis (TMA): dimension
  • Dilatometry (DIL): volume / dimension
  • Evolved gas analysis (EGA): gaseous decomposition products
  • Laser / Xenon Flash (LFA): thermal conductivity, thermal diffusivity

Sometimes different properties may be measured at the same time e.g. TG-DSC/DTA or TGA-EGA.

Our thrive is technological leadership. We develop and manufacture thermo analytic and thermo physical testing equipments up to the highest standard and precision. Due to our innovative drive and ultimate precision we are a leading manufacturer of Thermal Analysis equipment. The development of thermo analytical testing machines requires significant research and a high degree of precision; for Linseis this is normal for the benefit of our customers.

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